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At the Spaplefield Lind Corgi Kennel, you will find everything you want from a breeder: trust, safety, and above all, responsible, family-oriented breeding, all done with a lot of love.

Breeding kennel specialized in Welsh Corgi breeding

Sweet and affectionate at all times

In our development and breeding of Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies, we base ourselves on 4 fundamental pillars: family breeding, raising them healthy and free from diseases, socializing them in a pack, and any future questions and help will be answered.

Historia del corgi y la reina isabel 2 de ni帽a

Historia del Corgi

Conoce la fascinante historia del Corgi: desde sus antiguos or铆genes en Gales hasta su popularidad moderna como mascota real y estrella cultural.


Qu茅 tan inteligente es un corgi

La asombrosa inteligencia de los corgis. Aprende sobre su capacidad de aprendizaje, adaptabilidad y c贸mo entrenarlos efectivamente. 隆Haz clic para conocer m谩s!


Enfermedades de los Corgis

C贸mo prevenir y manejar las enfermedades de los corgis. Consejos expertos, prevenci贸n y cuidado para mantener a tu Corgi saludable.


La importancia del Pedigree

Descubre por qu茅 La importancia del Pedigree es vital para tu Corgi. Aprende c贸mo afecta su salud, comportamiento y pureza racial


驴C贸mo son los corgis con los ni帽os?

Aprende sobre la interacci贸n entre Corgis y ni帽os: comportamiento, consejos de seguridad y c贸mo fomentar una relaci贸n armoniosa. Informaci贸n esencial para familias.


Circuito los Andres 2023

Descubre c贸mo Staplefield Lind lidero en el torneo corgi m谩s grande de Chile, 隆una gran presentaci贸n de sus Corgis Pembroke y Corgi Cardigan!


Entrenando a tu Corgi

Consejos de entrenamiento esencial para Corgis. Aprende socializaci贸n, comandos b谩sicos y avanzado para criar un Corgi saludable y feliz. Contacta nuestro criadero para apoyo personalizado


驴Cu谩nto tiempo viven los corgis?

Descubre la estimaci贸n de vida de los encantadores Corgis y los factores que influyen en su longevidad. 隆Aprende c贸mo cuidar a tu amigo peludo por m谩s tiempo!


Consejos para mi primer corgi

Descubre consejos esenciales para los padres primerizos de cachorros Corgi. Aprende c贸mo criar, cuidar y disfrutar de esta adorable raza de perros en tu hogar.

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A dog is the only being on earth that will love you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

Corgis are friendly, loyal, and very adorable dog breeds. Their unique appearance, with long bodies and short legs, makes them immediately recognizable. Additionally, they are known for their playful nature and love for fun.

It’s important to remember that Corgis, like all dog breeds, require a lot of care, love, and attention. They need regular exercise, a healthy diet, and regular visits to the vet for their health and happiness.

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Once you enter the world of these affectionate Welsh puppies, we know the excitement and joy that sharing the happy and funny moments you spend with them brings. That’s why we invite you to join the largest online Corgi community in Chile and Latin America.

Dudas Frecuentes

The prices of Corgis in Chile vary greatly and depend on the type of breed, as Cardigan and Pembroke have different prices. An important factor is also the puppy’s Pedigree bloodline, as well as the liquidity of the seller or the level of attachment to the puppy, which can vary between 1,800,000 to 3,000,000 USD. If you are interested in knowing the prices at Staplefield, leave us a message.

To acquire a Corgi puppy, you can leave us a message through the contact section, an email, or send us a WhatsApp

In fact, there are two types of Welsh Corgis: Pembroke and Cardigan. However, each one can present different shades. The first can be tricolor, reddish, and yellow, while the second can be blue merle, black and white, and black with tan.

Both Corgi puppies need a lot of physical activity, they love playing games and having fun. Enjoy them.

For their diet, you should respect the essential nutrients for each stage of life. We recommend Oven Baked, Brit Care, Bill Jac, or Acana.